Dress to Impress

How to look your best and make a great first impression when interviewing for the job you want. 

 Tips for Women:

·         Choose a conservative skirt, suit, pantsuit or dress that draws the attention to your face.

·         Skirts should be knee-length or longer to allow you to sit modestly and comfortably.

·         Avoid blouses or sweaters that are transparent, tight fitting, or have low necklines, revealing waistlines or details that detract from your face as a focal point.  Typically, arms are covered.

·         Always wear pantyhose to interviews. Wear plain-style, non-patterned hosiery.  Carry an extra pair in case of runs.

·         Perfume should never be strong.  A fragrance can cause an allergic reaction or offend the interviewer.

·         Use natural-looking makeup.  Nails should be neatly polished.  This keeps the focus on the interview.

·         Wear comfortable shoes, flat or low pumps in colors that avoid making your feet a focal point.  Be sure that they are clean and polished.

·         Keep accessories simple.  Avoid large, dangling earrings and other accessories that would distract from the interview.  


Tips for Men:

·         If you have a suit, wear a suit in navy, black or gray.

·         Wear a white or light blue dress shirt that contrasts with the jacket and/or tie.

·         Socks should be colors such as dark blue, black or gray.

·         Wear conservative, clean and polished shoes.

·         Wear a belt that holds your pants on your waist.  Your belt should match your shoes.

·         Your hair should be newly, cut or combed. You should be freshly shaven.

·         Cologne should never be strong.  A fragrance can cause an allergic reaction or offend the interview.  When in doubt, do not wear cologne. 


Typical Questions You Should Be Prepared To Answer

As discussed in pre-c.n.a there are several key interview questions that you can expect your future employer will ask.  If you practice how you will respond to each question you will be prepared to answer each of the following questions with ease and confidence. Remember, it is okay to take a deep breath, relax and wait just a few seconds to gather your thoughts before you answer.

      1.      Tell me about yourself.  

      2.     What are your major strengths? Weaknesses?

3.     What are your plans for the future?

4.     What would you former employers say about you?

5.     Why should I hire you?

6.     Why do you want to work for our organization? Hopefully you spent some time researching the organization and point out something that you learned about the facility that you like.

7.      Why did you decide to become a C.N.A?  What is expected here is more than "Because I like to help people." Remember to speak from the heart. 


Interview Do's and Don'ts

·         Do arrive 5-10 minutes early to show eagerness and have a chance to get a feel for the environment.

·         Don't chew gum.

·         Don't smoke prior to your interview.

·         Do leave your cell phone in the car.

·         Do greet the interviewer with a smile and a handshake.

·         Do answer a question thoroughly, but don't ramble on.

·         Don't give just two word answers.  The interviewer is trying to get to know you; talk with him/her.

·         Don't interrupt the interviewer.

·         Don't be afraid to pause and think about answer before you begin speaking.

·         Don't look at your watch during the interview. This tends to hurry things along. Let the interviewer set the pace.

·         Do maintain good eye contact.

·         Do ask questions about the job and organization to show your interest.

·         Do show some knowledge of the company, position, and career field.

·         Don't talk negatively about former employers, co-workers or professors.                                                   

·         Do write a thank you note within 48 hours of the interview.  

·         Please stay in contact with Loren Iorio, Placement and Retention Counselor.  She will assist you will all of your job searching questions and concerns. 


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